September 24th, 2013: Announcement made that the AceM2 server will be shutting down.


Update: [Decision time...]:

I understand I am going to receive mixed feelings on this decision and I can completely understand why.

Background context
The current AceM2 Server (in terms of the rate of exp, drops, mob strength etc) IS NOT MINE, I had very little say in the original content that when live (as I was taking a break from the 6-8months of intensive coding that Milo forced me into ).

I have influenced it since by making mobs harder (for those of you who remember when Wooma's were harder than Mino's), removing/adding things here and there, however, despite me being the direct firing point for when things went wrong (cause I reply on forums) and many of the players referring to me as the boss, the server is not my own and is not what I wanted in terms of creating and hosting a server, I have just tried to make the best of it.

With the above being said, I have always had most of my own server on my local machine as the original plan was to break away from the AM2 server and do something in my own light once:
1) The code was in a reasonable state.
2) AM2 was self manageable/didn't require my assistance.

As many of you may know this day never came, in fact I ended up doing more and more work on the server (in an attempt to keep the community happy).

So my decision is the following
- Close current AM2 Server at the weekend.
- Wipe db's.
- Have 2/3 weeks to work solid on the files and server and get the following in place:
- Assassin (Is mostly coded up to poison sword, needs a good test though).
- Quests (the system is already coded, just need to do some scripts).
- Gameshop (is now coded/translated and working, haven't implemented due to this decision).
- Trust Merchant (needs to be ported from 2.3).
- Implement some more hunting areas.

The 2/3 weeks without worrying about the server will provide me with enough time to 1) prep for a release of server files and 2) prep a v2 server.

I will keep everyone posted on progress of v2, both on the forums and on facebook.

Again I apologize for the decision, but as I have said before this is not my server and I feel as though I have been lumbered with it rather than enjoying working on it.

I will add a care package npc on current AM2 server which will take note of your character name and level and if you are above 40-50 which will reward you with a starter package in v2.

I hope you decide to stay/come back during this transition and thank you for your support and input on the server.