February 1st, 2009: Game Network announces Mir 2 and Mir 3 closure.


To the GNOnline Community,

Due to diminishing number of players and to the technical difficulties related with these games aging technology,

GNO has found that it is impossible to keep offering service for Legend of Mir 2, Legend of Mir 3, and Myth Of Soma.

As such, servers will be shut down on March the 31th 2009.

- Effectively from today, it will not be possible to create new accounts or pay for existing accounts.

- Starting from February 1st , 2009, any form of support will cease and the games will be free to play to for any existing valid account.

- All accounts with paid game time after 1st of February will be refunded. A mailbox has been created to this end, and users entitled to a

refund should contact it for more info. Please refer to the form below.

GNO staff would like to thank you for your enduring support through the bad and the good times.

It is time for all of us to move on. We wish you a happy and peaceful life.

Refund procedure:

Send an e-mail to
refund@gnonline.net following the rules below. Please send a single e-mail for each GNO account you own.

Do not send more e-mail for different games or multiple game accounts.